At Bethany Church, we recognize that Christ called us into relationship with other believers. In a world filled with struggle and brokenness, relationships are the glue that keeps us keeping on. Lifegroups are how the Bethany family supports one another in the complex and fallen world that we live in. Lifegroups are small groups meeting at various times throughout the week at various locations in the community. The groups focus on growing relationally Рwith our Lord, and with one another. Groups are organized differently based on life-circumstance, interest of study, and convenience.

How can I join a Lifegroup?

  1. Click the above picture for a list of the current groups and their locations;
  2. Email the leader of the group and ask any questions you might have, e.g., when is their next meeting date, the study material the group is using, etc. Let the leader know you might be coming soon.
  3. Show up!
  4. If you aren’t sure which group you might want to attend, contact the staff leader assigned to small groups, Dennis Allen.

Questions? Contact us!

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